Consortium management

E.g. to comply with REACH regulation EC 1907/2006 for both registration and authorisation

  • Establish and develop the consortium: bring companies together and get them organised
  • Promote the consortium to stakeholders
  • Conduct the day-to-day operations of the consortium
  • Co-ordinate activities related to the assessment and control of the substances in the framework of e.g. the REACH legislation.
  • Transfer scientific messages to a non-scientific audience
  • Represent the consortium at conferences, meetings, workshops
  • Establish and further develop international network contacts
  • Give regulatory advice to the members of the consortium
  • Confidential handling of data and information
  • Management of contracts and agreements (with e.g. labs, toxicologists …)
  • Organize and minute meetings
  • Develop and implement cost sharing mechanisms
  • Coordinate with SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Fora)

REACH advice

Related to the Registration, Evaluation or Authorisation of Chemicals.


Confidential handling of data and information.